So I taught MY first class on Thursday. And by that I mean it is MY class… 4:30 every Thursday every week from now until forever… or you know, for a while.

They added me to the teacher’s page… check me and the studio out!

Teaching yoga is a such a high. I get towards the end of a class and just think, how did I get here? It’s done already? I just talked for a whole 75 minutes? It’s crazy! But I love it… and I love hearing that people actually enjoy my classes. It makes me feel so accomplished.

This week my class was focused on the first chakra, the root chakra, and opening it and thus grounding ourselves. The lesson I sort of tried to get across is that the idea of grounding is one of those things that you can take off the mat with you and into your real life. The more grounded you are in your values and your family and your career, the further you can grow. In yoga you will often hear, at least in the classes I have taken, that to reach up you need to ground down. The act of pushing down, rooting your feet, firming your legs, allows the upper part of you to reach even higher. For example, in bridge pose you need to push down with your feet and your shoulders and your head to lift your hips higher. Without the grounding you cannot lift very high. We also went into handstand and practiced using our hands to ground down, because sometimes your life gets turned upside down and you need to figure out how to be grounded in the chaos as well. So, in handstand you are literally upside down and learning how to find a new, unfamiliar grounding.

Did I mention I love yoga?

I’m seriously contemplating sending in an application for the Kripalu 500hr teacher training. It’s expensive, but you have 10 years to complete it… and they have financial aid and scholarships available. I love learning and I always have… and I just want to keep learning about yoga and being able to share that with other people.