I wrote this at the end of my last post, like 2 seconds ago… but realized it was too off topic to connect to it. Dharma talk for today most likely:

On an ending note, because I have to get my act in gear to teach a class and head over to Jivamukti in NYC tonight to take a class with Baron Baptiste, yesterday i was shopping with my friend. She was looking at really big guy shirts for herself, a beautiful woman with a very nice body. She said something about how she had long skinny legs but not the best upper part of her body and I immediately thought… I would kill for long skinny legs. Leading into the point, we always want what we don’t have. You have a flat stomach but want thighs that don’t touch. You have thighs that don’t touch, but want really toned arms. You’re brilliant at math but want to write better. You’re awesome at arm balances but wish you could be awesome at backbends. We always want what we don’t have instead of appreciating what we do, and it’s sort of sad. I think yoga is a good way of retraining ourselves though. On the mat we have to learn to accept our limitations for what they are, to work with them when we can, but work around them when we must. If your femur just doesn’t insert a certain way into the hip socket your knee is NEVER going to touch the ground in badha konasana and there is nothing you can do about it… you move on. If your thighs touch, you’re normal, you keep fit, you stay healthy, and you enjoy the body you have. Acceptance… unconditional self-love… ahimsa.