I don’t know if I’ve mentioned this before, but life likes playing jokes on me. And, most likely, life plays jokes on everyone, but I just happen to notice and actually find humor in it because I get the lessons it’s trying to teach me. For example, last week I was having a miserable week. My emotions were all over the place, I was feeling down on myself and having a hard time hiding it. So what was life’s solution? Make Kristen fall as many times as humanly possible in the most embarrassing situations ever.

Seriously! The amount of times I tripped or slipped in public was unheard of. The best however? I was in a 3-legged downward facing dog, over reaching my left leg in the air, when my right foot slipped out from underneath me and I fell flat on my face on my yoga mat… in a class with about 40 students in it. That was life saying… “remember when you had a breakdown in the loft upstairs? Lighten the f*** up about it already!” Needless to say that was not the last time I tripped or slipped, but I loved it. It was hilarious, and it was a comic relief that was needed to show me that not everything is a disaster waiting to happen.

I see this a lot when I teach in students, taking themselves too seriously when they fall out of poses. I taught a class last week that had about 28 people in it and there was a student who was just not having her best practice that day and everytime she fell she got so frustrated she sighed or hit the mat in a child’s pose. At which point I told the entire class to lighten up… it’s only yoga! What you do on the mat is a reflection of what you do off the mat. If you get so angry because you fall out of tree pose, what do you do when something else doesn’t go your way? Of course, then i look down at my sanculpa bracelet, in which I put my intention to lighten up on myself. Interesting. I love life’s sense of humor.